Quebec Couple Fined For Leashing Husband On Sidewalk Like The Dog He Is

by Mad Dog

QUEBEC, MONTREAL — Well, these kooky Canadians are staying kooky. A CTV Montreal reporter confirmed with police in Sherbrooke, Quebec that a married couple received a three thousand dollar fine after they were caught with the wife walking her husband on a leash, like the filthy little dog he is.

Okay, now this is nutty.

The Quebec couple claimed that they were exempt from COVID-19 restrictions because dog walkers are essential workers, and the husband is technically a dog. Now that’s just flat out silly. But we at Men’s Humor applaud the attempt!

Does this Quebec Couple count as essential workers?

Essential workers are people who have jobs that are necessary for the very function of society itself. Grocery store clerks. Amazon delivery drones. Nurse Joy from Pokemon. These are all examples of an essential worker. They do not include men in business suits pretending to be dogs.

If this guy really wanted to go outside so bad, he should have just looked up “nice beach” on his laptop and stayed inside. We’re not going to quarantine longer so you can explore your dog fetish, fella. That just isn’t right.

Do we want more men behaving like dogs?

Yes. Of course we do. We want to see men snorting and sniffing and shoving piles of chow in their mouth. But do it in the comfort of your own home, please. Spare us all from dealing with your animal cosplay.

We will continue to keep you posted on all things men-behaving-like-dog, but until then please stay safe. And as always, get that bread, y’all.