Rent-A-Person-Who-Does-Nothing Program In Japan Sounds Sick As Hell

by Mad Dog

TOKYO, JAPAN — If you ever wanted to just spend some nice time with a friend who wouldn’t talk, we have the story for you. According to The Mainichi, you can now rent a person in Tokyo who does nothing.

Yep, it may sound insane, but it’s actually awesome. The man who rents himself out to do nothing, named Shoji Morimoto, is inundated with requests every single day for his services. Sometimes he eats quietly near you, sometimes he goes on a silent walk with you, he can even be the 8th player in a video game if you need numbers.

That’s sick as hell.

Why does Shoji do this? Japan rules so hard.

Well, he realized it’s what he would want. “I myself don’t like to be cheered on by others. I get upset when people simply tell me keep on trying. When someone is trying to do something, I think the best thing to do is to help lower the bar for them by staying at their side,” he explains.

“I’m not a friend or an acquaintance. I’m free of the bothersome things that accompany relationships, but can ease people’s sense of loneliness. Maybe it’s something like that for me.” That’s deep Shoji. Wow. Readers, have you ever felt this way? We have. We need Shoji in our lives.

How much does Shoji cost?

Shoji charges 100$ for each person who wants him to do nothing. And that is honestly a great price for someone to chill with you while you play video games with your annoying friends, or eat nasty ass pizza late at night.

Shoji is the bomb! We’re stanning this lonesome legend!