Scallops SWARM Scuba Diver, Clearly Trying To KILL HIM!


Holy shit. Hoooooly shit. We just watched this video from East Coast Divers on YouTube and our heart is beating out of our chest. If you thought you were safe from scallops, think again, you naive piece of shit. You can get SWARMED by them during a journey to the ocean floor.

The world is not as safe as you thought it was. SMDH!


These juvenile scallops are clearly out for blood. If we were that scuba diver? Boy, we promise you that water he was swimming in would’ve turned brown with our shit (expelled from our anus due to fear). Brown, brown, brown, deep down in the ocean, for miles and miles. God DAMN this is terrifying.

We are never fucking with scallops. That is for sure. You can believe that.

You know what these scallops are scarier than? Yup: Jason Voorhees.

Jason grabbing someone in a sleeping bag and slamming them against a tree is just nowhere near as horrible a fate as being surrounded by some bloodthirsty scallops on the ocean floor. If this happened to us? Our sleeping bag would not be filled with brown (shit, due to fear, see above), because we know things could be worse if scallops were close by.

Jason Vs. Scallops (2021).

Well, we know we won’t be going to sleep tonight. Thanks for nothing, scallops.