Siblings Brawl: Tweets That Perfectly Encapsulate The Sibling Strife

by Gorman
sibling tweet cover

Siblings absolutely suck eggs, but what can you do? They’re yours forever (that’s the rule.) At least the experience of having other children to share your parents with can sometimes lead to highly amusing anecdotes. Here are 10 tweets that perfectly sum up how annoying/wonderful it is to have a sibling. Just remember, if you’re going to post about them, be sure to give them credit.

Hopefully the ribbing these twitter users give their siblings is all in good fun. After all, this kind of love can be complicated. In the end, however we love our annoying bratty DNA buddies. It was kind of our parents to give us some siblings, even if they sure can be a pain. Here’s to the comedic content they provide, though. With enough terrible siblings we can all be twitter stars.

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