Super Old Vintage Items That Somehow Still Work Just As Good As New

by TheDuder95
Gameboy protective case

Almost everyone has that one vintage item that they’ve been using forever. It’s usually either passed down from a parent or bought brand new for a premium. When it comes to today’s world of increased consumerism, the motto is “you get what you pay for.” Sometimes it’s better to pay a little bit more for quality that will last than to save a few bucks on something you’ll have to eventually replace.

That certainly seems to be the case for these vintage items that somehow still work just as good as new. Folks on the popular reddit community BuyItForLife shared stories of antique items that still work just as good as the day they were made.

They don’t make them like they used to! That’s for sure.

1. This 1920s vintage stove still works like new and includes six burners, two ovens, and a bread warmer

I Thought You Guys Might Like My 1920s-1930s Magic Chef Stove With 6 Burners, 2 Ovens, And A Bread Warmer
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2. This vintage sewing machine is 100 years old and still kicking

Our Singer Sewing Machine, 100 Years Old And Works Perfectly
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3. Oak Chest. Storing Family Shit Since 1682. Lock Still Working

Oak Chest. Storing Family Shit Since 1682. Lock Still Working
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4. This cast iron skillet is 80 years old. We’re just impressed they figured out the best way to clean it!

About 80 Years Old. Hand-Me-Down Cast Iron Skillet, Used Daily
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5. This person saved a ton of money by rehabbing an old KitchenAid mixer. Now it can just sit on their kitchen cabinet as a glorified decoration!

Found This Kitchenaid Mixer From The 1970s For $35. New Grease And Paint And It's As Good As New
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6. WWII Frigidaire refrigerator that lasted longer than Nazi Germany

Grandmother Still Has Her WWII Frigidaire Refrigerator, Still Works Without A Hitch!
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7. This 50-year-old coat still looks just as fresh as back in the day, and still gets the ladies’ attention

For Christmas, My Grandpa Gave Me The Sheepskin Coat He Wore In His 20s. He Is 70 Now! Still In Mint Condition :)
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8. 97-year-old pen that’s pretty cool. But let’s be realistic. Changing the ink on this thing is probably annoying!

My 97-Year-Old Waterman 52
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9. Hypebeasts will appreciate the fades on this 136 year old pair of Levi’s that were found in a mine

World's Oldest Pairs Of Levi's Jeans Found In A Goldmine 136 Years Later
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10. Who needs a Nintendo Switch Lite when you have the original Gameboy

Original Game Boy Still Works Like A Charm
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11. This 30-year-old car has 247,000 miles on it. Good luck trading it in!

My Car Turned 30 Today And Rolled Over 247,000 Miles. KBB Says It’s Worth No More Than $1,318 ($250 On A Trade-In). Guess I May As Well Keep It
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12. Twenty year old boots that probably stink like shit!

Going On Twenty Years. (Sorel)
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13. This Thermos has Spaghettios in it every day from 1970 to 2018!

Stanley Thermos Used Every Day From 1970 To 2018
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14. This waffle maker from the 1920s is awesome but definitely a fire hazard

Waffle Iron From The 1920s Still Working Flawlessly
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15. Looks like something from Urban Outfitters but it’s 60 years old

My "New" 60-Year-Old Swiss Army Salt And Pepper Backpack
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16. 120 year old coffee grinder for folks who still grind their own coffee for some reason

This 117+-Year-Old Coffee Grinder From Peugeot (Yes, The Car Maker)
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17. “This Used To Wake Me Up For School In The 5th Grade. I’m 39 Now

This Used To Wake Me Up For School In The 5th Grade. I'm 39 Now
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Damn that’s awesome dude but are you still in 5th Grade? That’s a huge problem!