The Internet Is Torn Over Whether Or Not This Avocado Has A Seed In It

by Mad Dog
a maybe seedless avocado?

INTERNET — Well, folks. We’ve got another blue dress/gold dress situation on our hands. The internet is losing its collective mind over whether or not this avocado has got a seed in it. Check it out below:

It’s so hard to tell! And people are losing their shit!

No one has the answer – but all of the comments are very divided. Hundreds of people are arguing they can see the pit, while the other half of people are convinced there’s nothing but the avocado flesh.

‘Omg my brain! No seed?’ one commenter wrote. Another person added: ‘Oh my gosh this is doing my head in. Seed!’ 

One woman said she was torn between the answers, saying: ‘This is making me want to throw my phone at the wall! I cannot decide.’

Should this woman throw her phone at the wall?

Absolutely, yes. If you are this worked up by the avocado, you do not deserve technology. You’re a damn rube. Time to go look at a wall or something, lady.

But wait, it gets weirder.

Graphic artists noticed that the percepts change when you flip the avocado upside down.

The difference in percepts makes it so that the right/upside down picture of the avocado appears to have no seed. Still, we can’t tell. This is going to give us an aneurysm. SMDH!

As always, keep grinding and stay safe out there!

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