These Anime Tributes To Chadwick Boseman Will Give You All The Feels

by Mad Dog

INTERNET — The internet went apeshit after the death of beloved actor and star of Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman. But never fear, Men’s Humor fans. The corner of the internet known as “anime twitter” created some stunning tributes to the late actor that will give you all the feels.

Simply beautiful. Without a doubt, Chadwick Boseman is looking down from heaven and smiling at the outpouring of love he received from the anima community after his passing.

Oh no. The tears are welling up in our eyes…what an incredibly touching tribute to an incredibly talented actor. There’s no words to express the hole left in our hearts by Chadwick’s passing, but these anime drawings get pretty darn close to conveying that pain. Bravo.

Fuck, man. We miss him so dang much. Thankfully, these anime tributes help remind us about what made him such a cherished figure in the first place. Gone too damn soon. Too. Damn. Soon.

Epic. Simply epic. We’re not crying…you are. Anime is such a lovely way to memorialize an actor who gave us so many legendary performances, and led a stellar career tragically cut short by cancer. We may not have any more new performances from Chadwick Boseman coming, but we can rest easy knowing we have these anime tributes.

We tip our caps to the artists behind these tributes. Grieving in public isn’t easy, but your anime tributes really offer a sense of how deeply you loved Chadwick, and that’s something even people who’ve never heard of anime can get onboard with.

No words. All we can say is, Wakanda Forever.