This Cross-Country Bike Trail Is Perfect For Anyone Who’d Like To Get Stranded In The Wild

by TheDuder95

UNITED STATES — Grab your helmets, bike lovers! It’s time to hit the great outdoors! A new bicycle-friendly way to get across America is currently being built, thanks to organizers behind The Great American Rail-Trail.

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Via Great American Rail-Trail Facebook Page

Traveling by bike across the entire United States? That sounds like an incredible adventure if you haven’t read any of the countless harrowing stories about people getting stranded in the wild!

Spanning nearly 4,000 miles and 12 states in total, the trail will start in Washington, D.C. and end in Washington state. The Rail-Trail will connect more than 125 existing multi-use paths, greenways, trails and towpaths. So far the nonprofit behind the project, Rails to Trails Conservancy, has raised almost $15 million to connect the various existing trails into one complete, cross-country system that will cater to nearly 50 million people within a 50 mile radius.

While the trail was conceptualized over 30 years ago, full construction of the project did not start until 2019. As of now the rail-trail is 50% complete according to recent press releases from organizers. Rails To Trails estimates that the entire trail system won’t be fully completed until the year 2040, but that hasn’t stopped outdoor enthusiasts from sharing their positive thoughts about the plan!

Damn, these folks must not be afraid of getting lost and having to resort to foraging for berries to survive! Haven’t these folks read any books by Jon Krakauer? Who knows what could happen out there.

No matter how you feel about this new, incredibly difficult and stressful way to get across the country, it’s great that folks are taking it upon themselves to make the great outdoors more accessible!