U.S. Baby To Release An Album It Recorded Inside The Womb

by Mad Dog
parents and baby dj

THE WOMB—If you thought babies were dumb, think again. Babies are smart, and this United States baby actually recorded an entire album from inside her mother’s womb. Holy effing crap.

Damn, this shit is about to be fire. This little girl has got umbilical bars, son! We’ve heard of Sway In The Morning. But, Sway In The Morning Sickness??? Now that’s womb lit.

How Did This Baby DJ Happen?

You may be wondering — why on Earth did anyone do this? Well, this little rockstar’s parents were actually rockstars themselves. Check out their music:

Pretty bad to be honest! Just not good at all. Would never listen to this. This baby’s future in music is looking grim, folks. It had better be good at math or something!

Men’s Humor’s Opinion:

Babies should not make music at all. Leave it to the grownups, please. We are much better at music than you and can play instruments with our adult hands and feet. Stick to baby stuff, like shitting everywhere and licking yourself or whatever. Keep grinding, players!

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