Whatever This Thing Is, It Is Alive, It Is Gorgeous, And We Want To Eat It


Whoa! Apparently there is something called a Caravela Portuguesa, and this YouTuber found it on a beach. Whatever it is, it’s got us hankering for a bite. This purple thing looks delicious, and despite it’s significance in the field of marine biology, we would not hesitate even for a second to lick this thing all over, fold it up like a slice of pizza, and have ourselves a little lunch.

Try NOT to feel hungry watching the video below!

Check out this thing that looks good to eat below!!!!!

According to Stepan Balko’s description beneath the video, “Beautiful sea Creature. Amazing Caravela Portuguesa (Portuguese man o’ war) – Physalia physalis on the beach in Olivenca, Bahia – Brasil. A jellyfish-like marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting. Colonial organism”

Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But we’re going to put it in a microwave!

We are set on eating this animal, and there’s nothing this YouTube can do to stop it. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of Caravela Portuguesa, Stepan Balko! We will be sure to put any leftovers in your mailbox.

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And you know what’s next on the list? Take a guess. Did you guess that purple balloon in the video above? You are correct as hell. We simply cannot wait to wrap that thing in a tortilla and chow down. Awesome!