Who Wants To Buy This Old Library And Turn It Into A Laser Tag Arena?

by TheDuder95

ELY, MN – It’s no secret that the housing market continues to boom all across the United States. If you happen to be someone on the prowl for new real estate opportunities, look no further than the great city of Ely, Minnesota. For the low price of just $79,000, you could be the proud owner of a former public library that can easily be converted into an incredible laser tag arena for folks of all ages to enjoy!

Wait, an entire community center with the potential to become a premiere family-friendly laser tag destination AND the pride of an entire city? For just $79,000? Yes! You heard that right! Marvel at its splendor!

The city owned community center, located at 30 S 1st Ave E. in Ely, Minnesota (Via City of Ely, MN)

It doesn’t take a real estate tycoon like Warren Buffett to see the potential in this beautiful property. Heck, you might want to jump on the opportunity to buy it before he does!

Located at 30 S 1st Ave E in Ely, the building is three stories tall and boasts an area of 28,834 square feet, including a 5000 square foot multi-purpose auditorium. The lower level of the location is a cafeteria that currently houses a kitchen, dishwashing, as well as dish ware that could serve hundreds of people. 

While the city of Ely disclosed that the building has some slight damage and has been unoccupied since 2014, they stated that the property is “structurally sound and the primary materials are holding up well.” The incredibly popular Instagram account “Cheap Old Houses,” which posts photos of unique properties that have been listed for sale, even praised the future potential of the space to its 1.4 million followers, calling it “SOOOOO good.”

We’re serious folks. If you’ve ever dreamed of one day owning your own laser tag venue but didn’t have the money or investors to buy a space for it, now is your chance. Don’t you want to be the one to bring smiles to the faces of countless families in Ely, Minnesota?

(Via FX Networks)

YOU could be the visionary who turns this 83 year-old gem into the premiere birthday party and corporate outing destination in all of northern Minnesota. Heck, you might even got some international business too, as the Canadian border is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Ely.

The possibilities are truly endless. Don’t let this property go to waste!

(For more information on the property contact Ely Clerk/Treasurer Harold Langowski at [email protected])