Yearbook Fails: Hopefully You Never Have To Take One Of These Again

by Gorman
yearbook fail

Remember the good old days, when you’d spend all morning putting gel in your hair, sifting through the sweatshirts in your closet and clipping your nose whiskers for a picture? We do. We also remember getting the photo back months later to find a dumb looking smudge on our face or some other nonsense. School pictures are the worst, there’s no way around it. There are, however, some fun ways to make the most of your precious yearbook real estate. Some people get creative. Others are just unfortunate. Here are some particularly cringey and hilarious yearbook pictures from the archives.

1. Teachers Are The Real Yearbook Heroes


She’s going to regret that one for years to come.

2. Cheerleaders Rule The Yearbook

Dallas Observer

Ugly Hoe was always my favorite cheerleader. She was so sweet!

3. Phrasing

Idaho News

It’s supposed to say “click” but we know what it looks like.

4. Youth League

Huffington Post

Hitler Youth was not the fun group activity this kid wanted to evoke in his yearbook picture.

5. Whoops


Awww, girl. What on earth were you thinking?

6. What Was That Again?


We love it, Carlos!

7. The Hardest Thing


What on earth are you talking about?

8. Family Guy


My god…he’s real. The legend is real.

9. Abstinence Only


Your parents may be trying to tell you something, but we’re not sure what.

10. Mind The Angles


If only she had turned a little more to her left. Oh well.

11. Shovel



12. Bad Boy


Good news, ladies!

13. Life And Death

We feel you, Nicole. We feel you.

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