10 Most Punchable Faces In Pro Sports

by Mad Dog

Sometimes you really just want to punch someone in the face. No, you NEED to punch somebody in the face. They could be a lovely person with a great family, but when you see that ugly mug, you are filled with the unquenchable desire to slam your hairy knuckled fists right into it. We get it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most punchable faces in pro sports for you to get some rage out. Check out these wretched faces below.

10. Joakim Noah

[Syndication: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports]

Oh man. We’d love to wind up and cold-cock Joakim Noah right in his slobbery maw. The former Florida basketball player and current NBA player has got a face you could really sink your fist into. Geez O’Pete.

9. Jay Cutler

My lord. Look at this photograph of Jay Cutler and picture yourself open-hand slapping the shit out of this twat-looking dipfuck. That would be satisfying as hell. The NFL quarterback has played for the Chicago Bears and really looks like he could use a whooping.

8. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is one of the most famous humans alive. But we sure as hell would love to wipe that handsome smirk off his even more handsome face with a backhand knuckle sandwich right to the ol’ domeski.

7. Skip Bayless

Now, this pick isn’t a pro athlete. But Skip Bayless, the former ESPN personality and current FOX sports personality is one of the most obnoxious people alive. He could get a dose of “shut up” with a prescription of our fists.

6. Grayson Allen

Look, anyone who went to Duke University needs to be taught a lesson. But Grayson Allen, the former Duke basketball player turned NBA douchebag needs a full semester of beat downs. He was known for tripping opponents in the middle of games, and now he’s going to trip right into our beefy forearms.

5. Ryan Lochte

This former US Olympic swimmer who got arrested in Brazil for drunkenly pissing all over a gas station could use our fists on his face, no doubt.

4. Carmelo Anthony

[Kevin C. Cox/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports]

Carmelo Anthony has been a #1 Dunce on more sports organizations than we can count. And for that: you deserve a fist, my man!

3. Mel Kiper

Just look at that photo. Punch it. Enough said.

2. Usain Bolt

[Syndication: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports]

Oh, you think you’re fast Usain? Not as fast as quick uppercut to the jaw from us at Men’s Humor…

1. Coach K

Not even close. This man and coach of the Duke Blue Devils is a demon. Punch his face as hard as you can, Men’s Humor.

Well, those are some super punchable faces. Thanks for stopping by. And as always, keep it crispy!