A-Rod Is Being Sued, Giving Jose Canseco Something To Live For

by TheDuder95

Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to controversy, both on and off the field. The former slugger has been accused of using steroids, having affairs, and as of Monday, making shady business deals. The athlete turned businessman is currently being sued by his former brother-in-law for “racketeering and embezzlement.”

Yikes. That doesn’t sound good. The only person happier about this news (other than Red Sox fans) is Jose Canseco. It must be like Christmas morning all over again for Jose. He’s been waiting in the wings for more A-Rod dirt for who knows how long!

While the lawsuit has been ongoing for over a year, Rodriguez’s former brother-law amended the litigation on Monday. In new court filings, Constantine Scurtis claims that the former Yankee slugger pushed him out of a moneymaking real-estate venture. Scurtis apparently added evidence of the alleged shady business dealings to his lawsuit, including text messages and letters.

The new filing alleges that A-Rod “cheated on his wife and then cheated Mr. Scurtis out of the proceeds from their wildly profitable real-estate venture,” according a member of Scurtis’ legal team. Scurtis had originally sued his former brother-in-law for $50 million last July, although A-Rod filed a countersuit denying the allegations.

Damn Jose Canseco must be on his high horse right now. He’s definitely feeling way better than when that fly ball bounced off his head and landed in the stands for a home run.

Canseco is a notorious A-Rod hater. Over the years he’s tweeted many allegations about A-Rod over his past steroid use, other affairs he may have had, and even challenged him to a boxing match. Canseco took the A-Rod news in stride and shared his thoughts about the lawsuit on social media.

We’ll have to wait for a few more months to see where this lawsuit against A-Rod goes, but until then it’s safe to say that Jose Canseco is having the time of his life.