Apparently A Player Named Jared Dudley Is Talking Big Sh*t On Paul George

by Tim K

Hope you’re ready for a beef lunch, brothers and sisters, because thanks to someone named Mr. Jared Dudley, that’s exactly what we got: In his new book, Jared Dudley revealed that the Lakers WANTED to play the Clippers in the playoffs last year, all thanks to one Paul George.

“We hear some of those guys talking about how they’re the team to beat in L.A.,” Dudley wrote in his 42-page book “Inside the NBA Bubble: A Championship Season under Quarantine,” released earlier this week. “It’s fine if Kawhi says stuff like that. He’s defending a championship. We don’t trip if someone like Patrick Beverly is talking trash; that’s how he feeds his family. We get it. We respect the hustle.

“But we think it’s disrespectful for Paul George, who hasn’t won, to put himself on the level of Bron and A.D. This motivates us.”

Damn! This just goes to show there IS a player named Jared Dudley, and he’s apparently in the NBA! Or is he? Tough to tell because we’ve never, ever heard of him having a meaningful impact on any basketball game ever!

For context, Paul George has been known to hype his own name whenever he can. Per ESPN, In an interview with NBA TV during the Clippers’ media day last season, PG explained how he thought Kawhi and HIMSELF were the best duo in the league, saying, “I think so. When you look at two guys that play on both ends, two guys that can go and get a basket, two guys that can stop you from getting a basket, elite on both ends, I don’t see how you can beat that.”

IDK Paulie… Pretty ballsy claim there! Even some regular-ass dude named Jared Dudley can see that!

When asked about some stranger named Dudley stirring the pot, PG acted very polite by pretending to know who that even is, then said this:

Then he went and had himself a pretty good game:

Who knows, maybe hearing that some strange man named Jared was talking shit motivated PG?

So awesome. Here’s to hoping that even MORE regular adults claiming to be NBA players will start talking more shit, just like this guy Jared Dudley (our guess is that he’s some sort of accountant, or a commercial airline pilot!), because we LOVE the beef! Thank you! Goodbye.

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