Australian Tennis Players Fed Mice While Quarantining In Hotel Rooms

by Mad Dog

AUSTRALIA—Well, this story goes from weird to weirder. According to the Victoria Australia Police Minister, it turns out that Australian Open tennis players are feeding mice in their hotel rooms during the quarantine period before competition.

One of the players posted about it on social media, but it was swiftly deleted. Then, he apologized:

Roberto! Come on. We wanna see those mice!

The quarantine director for the tournament had this to say about the situation:

“Every tennis player needs to clean their own room and change their own beds if they want that,” she said. “We will keep doing pest control if we need to, but hopefully that pest control work that was done this week will have fixed the problem.”

Whatever, Australian tennis players. This sucks. We wanted to see the mice. You are telling us that these tennis players fed mice and did not snap a single photo of a hotel mouse eating a grape or something? Unbelievable! This story had so much potential. All down the drain now. What a waste of time, to be honest. No mouse? Come on. We’ll just have to wait until next time.

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