Drill Fights Should Be A Thing

by Staff Writer
Drill Fight

A video posted by reddit user Boezoek showed up on the interwebs today and it got us thinking… we definitely want to see more of this kind of thing. Drill fights should be a regular ritual. It would act like a mini “The Purge” for the rest of your day. Not only does the competition have the kind of feeling that demands a WWE Jim Ross play by play, it also has the gritty feel of a bum fight.

(Not that we would ever have accidentally watched through 3 hours of bum fighting back in middle school. You can’t prove that any of that search history doesn’t belong to my little sister or her cat… they both were breaking into my room a lot back then.)

I would recommend that you take good ol’ Boezoek’s advice here. Choose a drill before you hit play and click on the video. Then, this short clip will take on the nostalgia of a great dot race from way back when we would gather in large arenas and watch sporting events together

Remember that? Remember when we did that? Yeah, that was great.

-Chris Farley playing that one interview character

Dot races were in fact some fantastic between-inning theater. You and your dad could momentarily stop cheering for your hometown heroes and get on opposite sides of the color spectrum. Then for a half minute, some guy in the Cincinnati Reds front office, who knew how to string 875 power-point slides together spaced a quarter-second apart (because he didn’t want to pay a flash animator to do it right), could take you on a roller coaster ride that left 33% of the crowd with enormous bragging rights.


THAT is what the idea of drill fights reminded me of, and quickly made me want more.  That and the reminder of the bum fighting videos that my little sister’s cat got very addicted to.  It made me want to ignore my wife and kids for 4 hours straight. I could shout at them from my home office “I’m doing research!” and “just a few more minutes!”  then drift away in drill fight bliss.

Watch it here, but choose a color first.

What do you think? Could get a whole lot more money out of me betting on this than on drone racing.