How Much Would You Have To Get Paid To Drink A Jug Of Salad Dressing?

by TheDuder95

[TEXAS, UNITED STATES] – We’ve all had those moments when we joke around with friends about getting paid to eat something disgusting. It’s very unlikely that anyone ever follows through with it, that is, unless you are ex-Texas Rangers pitcher Tyler Wagner.

The former MLB pitcher took to Twitter the other day to briefly recount a story when a teammate challenged him to drink an entire jug of salad dressing for $1000.

Damn. He only got paid $1000 bucks? To drink a whole bottle of Italian salad dressing? Hopefully that was the low-calorie kind.

Wagner says the dare happened when he and fellow flame thrower Tim Lincecum were teammates in Texas about three years ago. The two-time Cy Young winner bet Wagner a grand that he wouldn’t drink the dressing that came with the team’s salad. Turns out that Lincecum underestimated how low Wagner was willing to stoop for $1000.

A full bottle of dressing? Yeah that’s enough to make us vomit. [Via Giphy]

We thought Tim Lincecum was”The Freak.” Turns out that should be Wagner’s nickname too.

Wagner apparently easily slopped down the leftover dressing like it was a glass of water. Not only did Lincecum fork up the $1000, he also added an extra $250 to the check. According to Wagner, Lincecum upped the payment because he said “it was rough to watch.”

While this story is absolutely hilarious, it’s definitely disgusting. Folks on social media were quick to share their thoughts.

There’s no way we would drink a full tub of dressing for $1000. Call us if the offer is $10,000. Sorry but we have standards.

That shit is just nasty.