Is Tom Brady The Greatest Athlete Ever? Is It MJ? What About Michael Phelps? Does Swimming Even Count? A Debate!

by Tim K
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After winning his 7th Super Bowl last night, Tom Brady just did his legacy some major favors. Now that the dust has settled, Twitter is arguing like wild about whether the new feat officially makes Tom Brady the Greatest Athlete Ever. But how does one even measure that? Is it even possible to compare athletes across different sports, let alone different eras? Should Michael Phelps even be considered in this conversation, or does swimming not count since it’s not really a sport? It’s more of a thing little kids for play, and there’s no real rules to it or anything?

Twitter is debating it all, and we are here for it! (Also, Men’s Humor believes Michael Phelps should NOT be counted! Swimming’s NOT a sport because even dogs can do it!)

Check Out Some Highlights From Twitter’s Raging Debate Below! Ignore Michael Phelps, Please.

A lot of interesting points. Not as many people as we would’ve thought are slamming Michael Phelps (swimming can’t be a sport because babies can do it, it’s true, if you toss a baby in water it will kick around and stuff), but still a pretty cool debate! Here’s to hoping everyone can get on the same page and figure out an answer, or at least agree that ANYONE could’ve done what Michael Phelps did if we all had the time and energy to put into something as boring as swimming!

Check out Patrick Mahomes’ mom embarrassing him on Twitter! It’s so humiliating. Like, he has got to be blushing so, so hard right now. Not wealth or fame can stop your mother from going on the Internet and making you out to be a shook little boy who needs his mom to defend him. So pathetic, man. So pathetic.