Italian Bobsledders Fly Right Through The Finish Line And Almost Die

italian bobsledder

It was 2012. Team Simone Bertazzo was representing Italy in the World Cup of bobsledding. This was a moment they’d be training for all season. The Italian bobsledders are putting everything on the line. They go around the track with speed and grace, until they hit the finish line. Literally. They smash through the finish line and almost die on the spot. It’s insane.

Watch Italian bobsledders crash below!

Oh man. This was intense to watch. Fortunately, fate had something else in mind for these Italian bobsledders. They are lucky to be alive! As we all are, each and every day we get to breath and experience life on Earth.

That French coach raced to the rescue like he knew it was going to happen in the first place. Lightning reactions on that man. Quite impressive. Hopefully he got a medal for bravery!

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Damn. We are straight-up addicted to people eating shit in a brutal way while doing snow-sports. We don’t know how to snowboard, and we don’t plan on learning anytime soon. The snow is simply too dangerous to risk our fingers (we need them for typing articles). Sorry, downhill sports. We’re going to stay on level ground for the time being!

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