10 Knocked Out Conor McGregor Memes That Will Make You Unconscious With Laughter

by Mad Dog

FIGHT ISLAND—Move over Bernie Sanders, there’s a new meme in town and his name is Conor McGregor. After being knocked out in his UFC 257 loss this weekend, Conor McGregor received the brutal meme treatment. And we’ve got a list of the ten best.

1. Bernie Sanders + McGregor

Oh man. Brutal. Conor is going to be so pissed to see Bernie Sanders when he wakes up from his slumber. This is simply epic.

2. Conor McGregor + Video Games

Conor got the video game treatment, that’s for sure. Dead Body Reported is from the popular game Among Us. And we know that Conor got ejected from the ship, hardcore.

3. Netflix: Are You Still Watching?

Conor, press the next episode button if you’re still watching. Don’t fall asleep. Wait. Oh no. You already did. Guess that episode of Stranger Things will have to wait until the morning.

4. Jake Paul Is Coming For You, Conor

Jake Paul famously tried to fight Conor. Conor refused. Well, looks like you’re going to have to Conor because you’re no longer the champ.

5. Bernie Sanders Choke-Out

Bernie Sanders knocked Conor out in this meme with a brutal rear naked choke hold. No one can withstand the power of the Bern. The Vermont Senator put the moves on Conor, hardcore.

6. Bernie Sanders Choke-Out Times 1000

Oh man. Double trouble. Sanders wasn’t done with you yet, McGregor!

7. Conor Asleep In Class With Bernie Sanders For Some Reason

Why does this meme of Conor McGregor and Bernie Sanders in a college lecture hall exist? We’re not sure. But it did make us chuckle up a storm, that’s for sure.

8. Conor’s New Tempurpedic Ad

When you use Tempurpedic mattresses, you’ll sleep as well as Conor McGregor did last night!

9. Conor McGregor + Breaking Bad

Now, we prefer the version with Huell, but the Conor version is pretty great as well. Sleep tight on that big fat pile of cash, buddy.

10. Sleep Tight, Conor!

Aw! Now, this is just plain sweet. You love to see someone getting their eight hours of rest at night. Just beautiful to watch.