Kyrie Irving Is Getting Fined Like Crazy For His Wild Partying

by Mad Dog

BROOKLYN, NY — Kyrie Irving has been MIA from the Brooklyn Nets for a little while now. At first, he was separate from the team for personal reasons, then COVID-19 protocols, and that is when shit went bonkers.

Because a video surfaced of Kyrie out at a party without a mask on during his absence.

And now the NBA is getting serious with Kyrie.

According to Bleacher Report, he’s being fined 800 thousand dollars for his missed games during his absence. And an additional 50 thousand dollars for partying without a mask on. Geez Louise, Kyrie! Come on!

And Twitter is doing their thing roasting the poor fella.

Oof. But it gets even worse…

Mama mia! Kyrie Irving, you’ve been owned. There’s no other way to put it!

Damn, Twitter stays ruthless! Men’s Humor? We stay funny. Let’s get that bread, y’all.