Men’s Humor Scouting Corner: This Kid Dropped 40 In An AAU Game, Is Rising On Our Prospect Boards (We’re A Scouting Site Now)

by Tim K

As our most dedicated readers know, Men’s Humor is pivoting to become a basketball scouting website now. How will we differentiate ourselves from the countless websites that already do that well? Easy. Our BRAND is different. Our EXPERTISE is different. How? Easy. We will focus on 7th GRADERS ONLY.

To reiterate, Men’s Humor is now a BASKETBALL SCOUTING WEBSITE primarily focused on 7TH GRADERS WHO PLAY BASKETBALL. Once these kids move on to 8TH GRADE, we do not care about them at all. 7th grade only. Thank you.

Anyways, we found a kid online who’s skyrocketing up our prospect boards. He’s fast, his jumper is wet, and most importantly, he’s in the seventh grade.

Check out the Men’s Humor #1 RANKED 7th grader in the country, Max Iversen!