Monkey Tail Beards Are Back, In A Big Way

by Stevie

It was September of 2019 when Mike Fiers donned a monkey tail beard during a playoff game for the Oakland A’s. That very public moment set off a reverberation online that landed on many faces over the following days and weeks.

The Monkey Tail Beard may not feel to you like it fits in the pantheon of acceptable facial hair. But you’d be wrong. There it is on this diagram put out by a website that now sells drug paraphernalia.

image from what used to be

Here is the catalog result of the awesome madness that we could find.

Monkey Tail Beards Go Way Back

I reached out to this guy who said he submitted this image on a blog he was writing about 10 years ago. Even back then they were called monkey tails. So this viral craze definitely predates Mike Fiers’ fearless act.

He definitely doesn’t want me to use his name.

Here is your list of the greatest monkey tail beards we could find…

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