No Your TV Isn’t Broken: The Miami Heat Did Wear Those Uniforms

by TheDuder95

The NBA season is officially here, and the Miami Heat made a huge statement last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. No, your TV isn’t cracked. You don’t have to unplug it and plug it back in. The Heat actually did wear those sick uniforms. You might want to put on some safety glasses, because these jerseys are absolute FIRE. Check them out:

While the Heat may be coming off an upsetting loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in last season’s NBA Finals, that didn’t stop them from looking like they were stuck in an episode of Miami Vice last night in their matchup against the Thunder. Sure, Jimmy Butler and the Heat got knocked down by LeBron James at the end of last year’s unprecedented bubble season, but like a group of newly single men wearing fresh aftershave about to hit the town for a night of partying…they commanded the floor!

Not only did the Heat rock those impressive ViceVersa City Edition uniforms, they even paired them with a splashy new court design to match. That’s taking things to a whole new level in a way that you love to see. After missing out on home court feels for so long during last year’s unprecedented NBA season, it’s great that teams are making things more exciting for their fans — even if they can’t attend games yet.

Despite the fact that those Heat uniforms get the official Men’s Humor Stamp Of Approval, that didn’t stop Twitter from having a field day during the game.

Whatever. The Internet is almost always wrong. No matter what people online say, we’re stoked that the NBA is back in full swing. We dig these Heat uniforms and hope they bring them out again soon. They are hands down 100 times better than the setup the Brooklyn Nets have right now. That’s for sure.