Randy Orton Almost Got Burnt To Death On RAW Last Night In A Clear HR Violation


Getting lit on fire is one of the last things you want to happen if you’re a professional athlete. Not only can being engulfed in flames throw off your performance, but it can kill you too. Wrestling legend Randy Orton learned that the hard way last night on RAW after Alexa Bliss literally almost killed him with a fire ball.

Watch Randy Orton Almost Die Below

Yikes. Alexa Bliss can expect a call from the WWE’s HR department. This is as unsportsmanlike as it gets.

Randy Orton was battling Triple H in the ring when Alexa Bliss suddenly decided to enter the scene and shoot fire directly into her co-worker’s face. We’re not sure how Alexa was able to shoot fire from her fists, but we’re freaked the fuck out. Ultimately, we guess it’s not surprising that a woman with completely white eyes has fire-summoning abilities.

Is He Alive?

Men’s Humor has not yet confirmed whether Randy Orton has died from this fireball attack. Even so, YouTube’s wrestling community has begun grieving for Randy.

“Someone’s pulling out a gun at wrestlemania 💀 im calling it,” wrote Ekene Onoh.

“Haven’t watched wrestling in a while wtf is this lol,” wrote Snowflxke.

This is just unsportsmanlike. What gives? via WWE YouTube

Well, this is fucked up on so many levels. On behalf of the Men’s Humor staff, we wish Randy Orton a speedy recovery, and pray that he is not dead. If he is deceased, man, what a RAW way to go.