Shaq And ‘Kazaam’ Got Absolutely Owned By This Utah Politician

by Mad Dog
Shaq Fu composite

UTAH—Fans of Shaquille O’Neal, look away. This may be too painful to read. According to TMZ, a Utah politician by the name of Kera Birkeland has entered legislation into congress that supports Donovan Mitchell over Shaq.

Okay now this is just downright disrespectful to Superman himself.

Why is this so disrespectful?

Shaquille decided to go after Utah’s Donovan Mitchell on his TNT show, and everything exploded! No offense, but Donovan Mitchell is a C+ player at best. Shaquille is a top ten player of all time. This congresswoman needs to understand her history!

Shaq Is The King

He is a God amongst men. Just check out this video of him tripping over a wire on the set of Inside The NBA.

God bless the legend.

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