SUPER BOWL FLASHBACK: Today’s The 3-Year Anniversary Of The Philly Special, The First Time A QB Ever CAUGHT The Ball

by Tim K
nick foles

We all remember where we were when it happened. Inside a house. Inside a bar. Inside an apartment. Probably somewhere like that… with our eyes GLUED to the TV as the underdog Philadelphia Eagles went toe-to-toe with the mighty New England Patriots…Nick Foles in the spotlight…

The Birds just off the goal line. Nick Foles under center. And then… THAT’S when he starts acting all weird. THAT’S when he starts SCREAMING some nonsense at one of his buddies for seemingly no reason…

From there, all kinds of other stuff happened, and the result… well, it’s simply too beautiful to put into words.

WATCH what happened NOW:

Yes! There it is! Nick Foles — the quarterback, mind you — catches the ball for the touchdown. To our recollection, the tuddy earned the Birds the standard-TD-6-points… but it SHOULD’VE been worth at least 25! That’s how special that play was.

Nick Foles made history on that fateful day by becoming the first-ever quarterback to catch a touchdown pass, a feat that earned him a STATUE outside of Lincoln Financial Field.

Now, three years later to the day, Twitter is celebrating!

Check Out Twitter’s Honoring Nick Foles Below!

So awesome. Here’s to you on your big anniversary, Foles! We hope you NEVER put that football down after you caught it! Thank you! Goodbye.

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