The NFL Broadcast A Game On Nickelodeon And SpongeBob Didn’t Even Get Decked

by Mad Dog

NEW ORLEANS, LA — If you’ve ever wondered, “does SpongeBob Squarepants like NFL football?” today is your lucky day because we have a firm answer. Turns out SpongeBob loves NFL football. SpongeBob loves the NFL so much he made a cameo during a game between New Orleans and Chicago that was broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Who lives in a pineapple underneath the New Orleans Saints field goal uprights? Yep, SpongeBob Squarepants. The little yellow square famous for his Ocean adventures.

SpongeBob Wasn’t The Only Guest

But SpongeBob wasn’t the only Nickelodeon star to get in on the football action.

Young Sheldon himself was in attendance as well. In fact, he helped explain the rules of football as only he could. First downs, pass interference, you name it. Young Sheldon walked viewers through the intricate game of football like it was his job (we don’t understand how this doesn’t break child labor laws, but whatever!).


Now, it rocks that the NFL broadcast a game on Nickelodeon, but we at Men’s Humor have one question. Why the hell did SpongeBob not get shit-housed by an opposing linebacker? We would have loved to see that little sponge get obliterated by a defensive end from the University Of Alabama at full speed!

Instead, we got this.

Yep. New Orleans coach Sean Payton got drenched in green slime to celebrate the Saints’ win. But SpongeBob was nowhere to be found when it happened. He was probably in the locker room absorbing sweat from used towels into this porous little body.

If he really wanted to put the work in, we’re sure SpongeBob could have asked to take one snap for the Chicago Bears and play quarterback for a possession. Dude lives under water, he has plenty of time to learn how to throw a perfect spiral.

Even though we’re disappointed, this still rocks. Hopefully MTV hosts a few NFL games too. We’d love to see the host of Scarred used as a football.