The Twitter Verdict: LeBron James Is A DIRTY Player After This Cheap Shot (WATCH)

by Tim K
joel embiid espn tweet

The Sixers and Lakers faced off last night for the first time this season, and with each team sitting atop their respective conferences, the spotlight was on. In the end, Philadelphia would ride the continued MVP-level play of Joel Embiid to take home the W, 107-106 — but for as big a win as it was, that’s NOT Twitter’s buzzing about this morning. Instead, Twitter has finally landed on a verdict: LeBron James is a DIRTY player, a FACT he put on display with this flagrant foul.

Check out the Lebron James foul below

Jesus, LeBron. What are you doing? What the ‘ef is that?

So Why’s That So Bad? Let US Explain…

In a textbook example of what’s widely considered to be the most dangerous play in basketball, LeBron — who was about to get absolutely fucking posterized, mind you — gives Embiid a TWO-HAND SHOVE as the big fella is in the air, totally off-balance, which sends him CRASHING to the hardwood, landing directly on his lower back.

Despicable. Absolutely despicable.

Obviously, after seeing this disgustingly dirty play that showcases LeBron’s blatant disregard for a fellow player’s health and safety, Twitter let its voice be heard:

Here’s Twitter Deciding That LeBron Is Basically A Malice At The Palace Guy Now And Should Be Banned From Basketball For At LEAST A Decade (We Agree!):

And for as pissed as fans were, they weren’t the only ones. Joel Embiid himself sounded off on the dirty play after the game:

Damn!!! The eventual 2020-2021 MVP not mincing words! And the NBA fans on Twitter couldn’t help but to agree:

Yep, there’s really no doubt: The verdict is in, and LeBron is now King Cheap Shot (instead of King James!). Think that’s harsh? Well we simply think you’re out of your goddamn mind. Here’s to hoping LeBron repents for his sins and retires soon! Thank you! Goodbye.

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