This High School Basketball Player Should Get Detention For Breaking The Backboard On A Sick Dunk

by TheDuder95

JOSHUA, TX– High school basketball fans in Texas were left breathless over the weekend after Joshua High School star Tyler Stone slammed a ball through the rim, scoring two points, and leaving shattered backboard glass below him in the wake of the team’s victory over Ennis High.

Not only did Stone go viral on social media for the vicious dunk, but he also received love from the referee – something you don’t see everyday. Check it out.

While the jam was certainly a spectacular feat of athleticism, we can’t help but wonder what the principal of Joshua High had to say after seeing all that shattered glass on the floor. What some may view as an earth-shattering, Shaq-level-dunk, others may view as a safety hazard that could potentially harm America’s young minds. What if some quiet little freshman who was at the game trying to make new friends while navigating the ruthless complexities of high school social life- maybe someone just like you – happened to get cut by an errant piece of glass?

We’re not mad at Tyler Stone, we’re just disappointed. For someone who has so much athletic prowess, you’d think he would use his gifts for good. Maybe the video clip doesn’t tell the full story, but he could have at least grabbed a trash bag and swept up the broken glass afterwards. What if the JV girls volleyball team had practice in that gym after the game? The stakes are far too high for us to ignore.

If we don’t call out Tyler Stone’s reckless slam dunks now, what’s to stop him from doing something even worse in the future? What if in his next basketball game he decides to do a tomahawk windmill 360 jam that pulls the whole basketball hoop from the ceiling? There’s no telling what kind of destruction that would do to school property.

Maybe next time Tyler will think twice before he does a back-board-breaking viral slam dunk like that again. Maybe Tyler even deserves a few hours of detention? Who are we to say? At the end of the day we’re just looking out for the safety of every student and faculty member at Joshua High School.

No epic, two-handed slam-jam-thank-you-ma’am can ever keep us from doing that.