Tom Brady Lets Loose For Once, Throws Super Bowl Trophy Off Of Boat

by TheDuder95

Tom Brady is living his best life these days. The 43-year-old just won his seventh NFL championship and is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time. He’s earned the right to let loose, hasn’t he? He certainly thinks so, which is why he threw the Vince Lombardi Trophy off a boat yesterday in Florida.

Damn. Tom Brady clearly has no more fucks to give, does he? Everything alright, Tom? You seem way less like a robot than normal and it’s scaring us. Luckily someone caught the trophy.

Hey Tom Brady, you good fam?

The Bucs celebrated their Super Bowl victory over the Chiefs yesterday with a boat parade. Organizers felt that was the safest way for the team to show off their new trophy, given the ongoing pandemic. Tom Brady and his teammates were clearly celebrating in style on some massive yachts.

It seems like things got pretty wild for Tom. Normally he would probably just celebrate a big victory by eating a strawberry or something else within the confines of his strict diet. Not only did he celebrate by tossing the Vince Lombardi Trophy off a boat, but he also enjoyed a few drinks. Guess this Super Bowl victory was just a little bit sweeter thanks to some “avoCado tequila. “

This has got to be the most unique midlife crisis we’ve ever seen. Could you even call it that? Guys who are 43 and have kids shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing. Guess it’s fine though, right?

You’ve got to hand it to the Bucs for celebrating in a way that only they know how. The Bucs managed to clobber Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs despite being underdogs. Let Tom Brady act like a college frat boy. He’s earned it, in. our opinion!

We just hope he made it home safe. They’ve got a title to defend.