WATCH: Twitter Just Remembered How HARD Andre Iguodala Used To Dunk

by Tim K
Screen cap of tweet

Andre Iguodala is one interesting basketball player. Casual NBA fans probably know him best as the go-to LeBron-Stopper during Golden State’s dynasty run a few years back. They might also recall that he’s the guy who ended up on the wrong side of history by doing this:

Was This Moment Sick As Hell? Sure, Yeah, Of Course. Was It A Bummer For Andre Iguodala? Oh, No Doubt.

But, as Twitter has kindly pointed out, you’d be sorely mistaken if you thought being an all-world perimeter defender and a Guy Who Got Blocked Really Bad Once was the entirety of Andre Iguodala’s career, or even the majority of it…

…Because before he landed in Golden State, the dude could jump out of the damn gym… and he showed us pretty damn often!

Check Out The Iggy Twitter Praise Below!

That’s right, kids. Do your homework! Because Iggy could jump so very high! Here’s to you, Andre Iguodala!

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