1. I didn’t date someone because they told all our friends that I was going to ask her out on Valentine’s day. Sad thing was I was going to but I still broke it off

  2. I’m having a lonely Valentines day (And also birthday) because the girl who would be my Valentine is on the other side of the world and we simply can’t be together for now 🙁

  3. I went on a date with a girl who ordered a noodle bowl at Tokyo Joes and could not figure out how to eat noodles with her fork. Either pulled up one noodle that fell off the fork or came up with half the bowl. Never good when you feel the need to cut up your dates noodles like a 3 year old. I figured I needed to keep that DNA away from mine.

  4. I’m into chubby girls and skinny girls alike, but this one who had a thing for me, was beyond what I’d like, so I kinda just pulled away, she ended up going crazy on me after @.@

  5. His second personality ping and the third personality jamel! He would talk to me in different voices for like 30 minutes. After every phone call by the time i got off the phone, i had the worst headche. Bc i had to truly be an active listener. Lol

  6. I went on a blind double date a friend had set-up. Upon arrival I had discovered that he was a year younger than me. I was instantly not interested but I stayed at the movie theater. He chatted me up and I was tired of hearing his voice. I politely excused myself to the bathroom, got in my car, and left.


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