17 Times Nature Seriously Freaked Us Out

by TheDuder95

It’s no secret that Mother Nature can be brutal sometimes. Sleet, snow, ice, tornadoes…you name it and planet Earth is bound to throw it our way. Despite this, humans are a resilient bunch. If Mother Nature knocks us down nine times, we’ll get up ten.

That being said, there are just some things that are too crazy to even mess with. Below are some insane moments in which Mother Nature seriously freaked us the hell out.

Beware: Scary-Ass Nature Stuff Below…

1.Wrap around spider

Wrap Around Spider, Named For Its Ability To Flatten And Wrap Its Body Around Tree Limbs

Jesus Christ. Yes that’s a spider that can flatten its body and wrap itself around trees. Get this off our computer screen, ASAP!

2. Fungus Finger

Xylaria Polymorpha, Commonly Known As Dead Man's Fingers, Is A Saprobic Fungus

Yikes. This fungus is called Xylaria Polymorpha. It is a commonly found to freak people the fuck out in forests and woodland areas, usually growing from the bases of rotting or injured tree stumps and decaying wood.

3. A firefly kept flashing after being eaten by a frog

A Firefly Kept Right On Flashing After Being Eaten By A Frog

Alright we might be checking out of this list early. That’s nasty.

4. Puffer fish skeleton

The Skeleton Of A Puffer Fish Is Pretty Metal

This looks like something a warrior would take into battle. Yeesh.

5. Snapdragon Seed Pods

Snapdragon Seed Pods Look Like Skulls

Seed pods or skulls found on the set of True Detective?

6. Hammer headed bat

This Is A Hammerhead Bat And Is By Far The Creepiest Animal I've Seen

If we ever see this thing, it’s on sight. No doubt.

7. Gecko eating his own damn tail

My Gecko Ate His Tail

Alright Mother Nature. We’ve seen enough. Fuck you!

8. Always check the toilet before you go in Australia

This Is Why You Always Have To Check The Toilet In Australia
Meanwhile in Australia

No way we are ever setting foot there.

9. The Clathrus Archeri Fungus is something from a horror movie

The Clathrus Archeri Fungus Resembles Some Pretty Metal Tentacles Sprouting From An Alien Egg When It Blooms

Hollywood has all the freaky props it could ever need.

10. Make it stop

All I Know Is That It Needs To Burn

No idea what this is but we never want to see it again.

11. Frog that caught a massive spider

The Frog That Caught A Spider

Shoutout to this frog for murdering a nasty spider. We need more of this in the world.

12. Acid spitting ants

Acid Spitting Ants

Okay evolution needs to stop now. Thank you.

13. Dead snake that needs to die again

Articulated Cobra Skeleton

This thing needs to die again.

14. A black swallower fish died trying to eat a fish 4 times its size

Black Swallower Died Trying To Eat A Fish 4 Times Its Size

We can relate to this.

15. A lizard eating a cockroach alive

A Lizard Eating A Cockroach Alive At My House Porch

That’s one way to do pest control.

16. These ants are working together to attack a bee’s nest

Attack Of Legionary Ants (Also Known As Army Ants Or Marabunta) To A Wasp Honeycomb

This is actually beautiful.

17. The inside of a goose’s mouth is the stuff of nightmares

The Inside Of A Gooses Mouth

Alright that’s enough nature for us. We’re checking out. Peace!