A Huge Asteroid Probably Won’t Hit Earth Next Month, But Here’s Hoping

by Gorman
asteroid not hitting earth

Fans of the movie Armageddon might love this story! An absolutely massive asteroid is going to 100% not hit earth next month, according to an article from the Daily Mail. However, the asteroid rockets around the sun once every 2 earth years and might, one day, hit us right in the kisser. Then it will suck to be here.

The asteroid is called 231937 (2001 FO32), which I think we can all agree is a terrible name. For the purposes of this article we will be calling the asteroid “Whitman”

Whitman is huge. Whitman is a mile wide, approximately twice the size of the tallest building on earth. This pales in comparison to the estimated size of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs (approximately 6-9 miles wide.) It is also way smaller than the fictional asteroid from the movie Armageddon, which was about 4 miles wide. However, it is still big enough to really fuck us up. Astrologists discovered Whitman in 2001, the same year that other things happened.

NASA classifies anything that comes within 4.5 million miles of earth as potentially hazardous. That’s a hell of a restraining order. Anything within 93 million miles is considered a Near Earth Object. It’s a friendly reminder that the universe is infinitely, disgustingly huge.

Wanna See The Asteroid?

If you want to see Whitman, you might be able to! That is if you have a telescope with an aperture of at least eight inches, whatever that means. It’ll come hurtling past us mere mortals on March 21st, so get your apertures ready! If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you may have trouble spotting it, but if you believe in yourself and work really hard we bet you’ll find Whitman, the old son of a gun.

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