An Incredibly Dull Man In New Mexico Has Been Named “World’s Dullest”

by Gorman
johnnie meier

Most people work their whole lives to be interesting, but maybe that’s the wrong way to go. Turns out being pretty dull can actually be…pretty interesting? “A New Mexico man with an unusual hobby has been named one of the world’s dullest people, by experts on all things ordinary.” according to a story from KRQE. The dull man will be honored for his achievements in a $15 calendar.

The dull man in question is Johnnie Meier of Embudo, New Mexico. The unusual hobby that earned him this distinct honor is his collection of gas station memorabilia. Additionally, Meier owns and operates The Classical Gas Museum (no connection to the Mason Williams song, sadly.) This is a museum Meier made himself to display and share his collection of gas station relics.

Honestly, we can’t decide if this makes him boring or (ironically) super interesting!

In conclusion, for his brave actions as a dull American, Johnnie Meier will be forever immortalized…in a calendar. A 2021 calendar for the Dull Men’s Club, specifically. The Dull Men’s Club owner heard about Johnnie’s work in the field of dullness, and paid him a visit. After perusing the wares he decided to bestow the honor upon Meier.

We can only guess what it must have felt for Johnnie to find out he wasn’t alone in his dullness. Meier stated “I didn’t know there was a Dull Men’s Club I didn’t know how many of us there really were.”

Beautiful. It’s always a happy day at Men’s Humor when we can tell you a story like this. A story about a man realizing he is not alone in the world.

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