Australian Fishermen Rescued A Naked Fugitive Who Got Lost In A Crocodile Habitat

by Gorman

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – The AP is reporting that two Australian recreational fisherman stumbled upon a naked fugitive stuck in a tree located inside a crocodile habitat. Proper mates they were, the fisherman chose to rescue the convict.

According to Cam Faust, one of the fishermen who found the tree-bound convict, “[the fugitive] had a nest made up in the tree, and he was only laying a meter (39 inches) above the water and there were crocs in the water, so he has done well to survive.”

This looks like the start of a beautiful, weird friendship!

The fugitive in question was one Luke Voskrensky, and he had survived in the wild for four days by eating snails (fancy!). Faust and his fellow fisherman, Kev Joiner, say the man was in rough shape. They were uneasy about the nude dude they had discovered, but Joiner claims that “once we’d seen how bad he was and how many cuts he had all over him and he was dehydrated and pretty weak…we thought we’d better get him on the boat.”

Apparently Joiner and Faust “thought [Voskrensky] must have had a big night after New Year’s and got lost and done himself a mischief.” He had done himself a mischief, indeed.

The sweet thing is that after they invited Voskrensky on board, Faust “stripped to his underwear and handed Voskrensky his shorts and a beer as the trio made their way back to Darwin.”

When they made it back to land, an ambulance brought the fugitive to a hospital where he was arrested once more. Voskrensky had been free on bail when he chose to cut off his electronic monitoring device and made his way into the wild.

Wow, not since The Shawshank Redemption have we seen such a powerful display of friendship and redemption!