Bigfoot Hunting Season? It May Be A Law Soon In Oklahoma

by Gorman

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – According to a story from Koco News 5 “an Oklahoma lawmaker wants the state to establish a Bigfoot hunting season.” That’s right, gang, they want to charge you a fee to hunt for a fictional beast. Unless it isn’t fictional?! Who knows!

This will certainly provide a wellspring of opportunity for the people of Oklahoma City, as well as the ravenous hunting community eager for game to kill!

Via Giphy

Representative Jim Humphrey proposed the bill (House Bill 1648) on January 5th. If passed, the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation committee would be tasked with structuring licenses and fees for the mysterious season. The 58th legislature of the state of Oklahoma could vote on it as early as February 1st. If that happens, you could be packing up your guns and grenades for a wild Bigfoot hunting season come November 1st!

Hopefully the paperwork for getting a Bigfoot hunting license won’t be too loaded with unnecessary bureaucracy, but who knows. They always want to slow these processes down!

The fees will likely be exorbitant, but god help you if you murder Bigfoot without paying them. You could be looking at some serious jail time. That’s because the Representative Humphrey doesn’t want you to kill the fabled beast. He would prefer you trap it alive, according to TMZ.

Hopefully this bill gets passed, because we’re all aching for something dumb to do. And who know? Maybe someone will catch the gorgeous creature. We may have a Harry and The Hendersons reboot on our hands!

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