Buddhist Nun Joins Heavy Metal Band And Becomes Our Favorite Nun

by Gorman
heavy metal nun

When you think of heavy metal bands, what comes to mind? Is it the gothic style of Alice Cooper or the wacky shenanigans of Black Sabbath? Whatever you think of, we bet it isn’t a Buddhist nun, and yet here we are. The 2020s taketh but they also giveth, it seems. According to a story from the Los Angeles Times a Taiwanese heavy metal band called Dharma has a brand new member- a 50 year old Buddhist nun named Miao Ben.

Rock on, Miao Ben! You’re Men’s Humor’s official nun of the month!

Miao Ben joined the band because of its use of Buddhist scripture in its source material. According to the band’s drummer and founder Jack Tung, the purpose of their music is to bring a younger audience back to the nostalgia the religion likely inspires. While the tone seems to clash, Tung claims the harsh and violent music is meant to ward away bad spirits.

Along with Tung, the members include Andy Lin on lead guitar and Jon Chang on rhythm guitar. The band’s lead singer, Jon Henley, was born in Canada and raised Christian but converted to the Buddhist faith after moving to Taiwan.

The article in the Los Angeles Times claims “About 8 million Taiwanese, or 35% of the population, are Buddhists, Taiwan Ministry of the Interior data show.

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