Cat Reunited With Owner After 3 Years Of Getting Up To Some Wild, Hedonistic Shit

by TheDuder95

It’s rare these days to see a news story that makes you smile. But one lucky cat owner in California got a stunning surprise that will warm all of our hearts. After being lost for nearly three years following a natural disaster, a cat was reunited with its owner.

We’re so happy that this cat reunited with its owner after all these years. But we can’t stop thinking about all the insane shit the cat must have seen and done during that time.

Patches the cat had been missing since Jan. 9, 2018, when a rainstorm caused a mudslide through the city Montecito, located just northwest of Los Angeles. The disaster resulted in the deaths of 23 people, including one of Patches’ owners. The devastation of the mudslide was so horrible that two victims have yet to be found.

A nearby animal shelter in Santa Barbara County says that someone brought Patches to them as a stray last month. During the process of reading the cats ID microchip, shelter workers figured out who she belonged to. Turns out that Patches was found less than a quarter-mile from where her Montecito home stood.

A Happy Ending

In a positive ending to an otherwise sad story, Patches reunited with her surviving owner on New Year’s Eve.

Image may contain: one or more people and cat
Patches the cat reuniting with its owner after three long years. [PHOTO: ASAP Animal Shelter Assistance Program]

Wow. Three years huh? That’s pretty incredible. Who knows what kind of shit Patches had to go through to survive. She probably desecrated hundreds of mice just to one day be reunited with her owner.

The shelter that reunited Patches with her owner said in a Facebook post that the two were thrilled to see each other again. “Though we don’t know exactly what she’s been doing with her life…we can see that both Patches and Norm are thrilled to be reunited.”

This is a truly remarkable story. We’re so glad Patches was able to reunite with her owner even if she had to resort to murder to survive all those years.

Chalk this one up as the most heartwarming story you’ll read all day.