Chameleon With Abnormally Huge Genitals Discovered In Madagascar

by Gorman
chameleon penis

They say size doesn’t matter, but they were probably talking about this little guy. According to a story from ABC science, researchers may have discovered the world’s smallest chameleon…and it has huge genitals. Looks like karma truly is a chameleon, because the smallest little dude out there has massive nards.

The reptiles discovered are known as Brookesia nana and they’re teeny tiny. The males in the species measure 21.6 millimetres long. The females measure 28.9mm end to end, making them significantly larger. And the genitals? Well, the male chameleon have absolutely humongous hemipenes. Hemipenes are a pair of organs that operate like a penis in chameleons, and theirs are roughly 20% their total length.

Let us repeat that. Their junk is 20% of their total size.

We did some math over here at Men’s Humor to bring a little perspective. The average male height for humans is 5’7″ or 67 inches. 20% of that is 13.4 inches. So if humans had the same dimensions as a chameleon the average dude would have a foot long dick! Science truly is amazing.

The chameleons, discovered in 2012, are assumed to have evolved their small size as a way to evade predators and ensure survival. Nevertheless, they are a threatened species (of course.) The rainforests of Madagascar are under constant threat of deforestation, making these little guys very vulnerable (even with their big swinging hemipenes.)

Let’s give a great big Men’s Humor salute to these alphas of the jungle. They’re truly an inspiration to all the little guys out there trying to make it big (ahem.)

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