Crooks In Arizona Ring In New Year By Stealing An Airplane

by TheDuder95

[COTTONWOOD, ARIZONA] – Police in Cottonwood, Arizona are looking for clues into the theft of an airplane from the town’s local airport by a couple of crooks. The crime, which occurred on New Year’s Eve, has yet to be solved.

The stolen airplane, which the thieves didn’t even manage to fly. [PHOTO: Cottonwood, Arizona Police Department Facebook]

Wow. Stealing an airplane on New Year’s Eve? That’s one way to ring in the New Year! Most people just have a lame party!

According to the Facebook post, the thieves broke into the airport just before midnight on December 31 by disabling the main gate and forcing it open. Once inside the airport, the crooks took a box trailer containing the airplane.

The Cottonwood Police Department also said the crew made off with some airplane parts. All in all, police estimate the total loss to be somewhere between $70,000 and $80,000.

Happy New Year, indeed! [Via Giphy]

Damn that’s a pretty badass theft, although it would have been way cooler if they managed to fly the thing out of there like an episode of Narcos or something.

Cottonwood Police are offering up to a $450 reward for information leading to the recovery of the plane and the arrest of the individuals responsible for stealing it. Hopefully the police are able to find the stolen airplane soon.

Should be pretty easy to locate it, right?

It’s definitely going to look out of place anywhere that’s not an airport.