Dave Grohl Is Demanding Children To Listen To These 3 Ancient Albums

dave grohl

Dave Grohl is a drummer, a guitarist, and also a homeschool teacher. During quarantine, the rock legend has been helping his kids through virtual school. In an interview with BBC Breakfast, Grohl dropped some opinions on how to do music lessons during home school: rock and roll albums, obviously!

Check out Dave Grohl demand children listen to old people music below!

Alright. These are interesting picks.

Don’t feel like watching the clip? Well, here are the albums that Grohl name-dropped.

  1. The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  2. AC/DC, Back In Black
  3. The Saturday Night Fever Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hmm. Would kids enjoy these albums?

We could actually see children getting amped up about this music. Weird kids who are into classic rock in middle school and make hating-new-music their personal brand. They’d be all about this shit. It’d probably fuck them up later in life when they miss out on a number of cultural touchstones from their youth that they chose to ignore to hear Brian Johnson wail all phlegmatic-like. But they’d really, really like it now.

Good choices, Dave! You are making classic-rock-middle-school-kids feel validated and seen right now! And we are simply here for it. We fucking love you!!!!!

Parents, whether you like it or not, Dave Grohl is demanding your child listen to these. If you don’t want to piss him off, you’d better strap your child down and blast these records at full volume until they say they understand music.

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