Fight For Justice: Man Suing King’s Hawaiian For Not Making Rolls In Hawaii

by TheDuder95

NEW YORK, NY – It’s not everyday you hear about a fight for justice so monumental that it could change the world. But that’s what happened a few days ago, as a man on the hunt for truth filed a class action lawsuit against King’s Hawaiian for not actually making their signature sweet rolls in Hawaii.

In a world filled with corporate malfeasance, it’s inspiring to see someone fight back.

The lawsuit claims that King’s Hawaiian used deceptive marketing tactics to trick consumers into thinking that the classic Holiday rolls are made on the island of Hawaii. Turns out, they are actually made in California.

“Defendant’s prominent placement of ‘Hilo, Hawaii,’ on the front label — coupled with the other legitimate uses of the word ‘Hawaiian’ — is deceptive and misleading to consumers who believe they are buying a product made in Hawaii,” the lawsuit said according to a report by The New York Post.

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That’s right Men’s Humor readers. You’ve been lied to all these years.

It’s unclear if the lawsuit will actually result in King’s Hawaiian having to pay damages, but it’s possible that the company will have to change its name and logo. While that might not seem like much, it will certainly strike a blow against any company that thinks they can mislead the American public like King’s Hawaiian.

The sweet roll manufacturer has yet to release a statement about the lawsuit.