Get Your SPF 50 Ready! South Korea Has Invented A New Sun

by Mad Dog

SEOUL — Although there is already a Sun in our solar system that provides the Earth with much-needed heat, it seems that the folks over in South Korea weren’t satisfied with just one. Scientists at the Korean Institute of Fusion Energy have created a new machine that can reach temperatures even hotter than the Sun.

Wow! One look at that ginormous piece of metal and you can begin to see just how awesome this Sun is!

Now, the Sun in our local solar system is known for being pretty hot. Just like that Sun, this baby is also hot—really hot. The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) team ran their artificial Sun at a blistering 212 million degrees Fahrenheit for around thirty seconds, which is the exact same temperature as the hottest part of the Sun’s core.

Still not as hot as Emily Ratajkowski though… Only kidding! Ha ha.

Even though thirty seconds isn’t too long for a Sun to run, we at Men’s Humor still find this pretty sweet. Imagine what you could do with a new Sun. Test out a pair of fresh Oakley shades, go to the beach and check out the ladies, heat up a frozen pizza in a split second.

Now that would be the life!

“In its 2020 experiment, the KSTAR improved the performance of the Internal Transport Barrier (ITB) mode, one of the next-generation plasma operation modes developed last year, and succeeded in maintaining the plasma state for a long period of time, overcoming the existing limits of the ultra-high-temperature plasma operation,” said KSTAR authorities in a statement.

Honestly not sure what any of that means, but there is a very cool plasma screen TV section at Best Buy’s Magnolia Home Theatre room, and if the plasma in Korea’s artificial Sun is anything like that, you can count us in!