Good News For People Who Want 2021 To Be Over: The Earth Is Spinning Faster Than Ever

by TheDuder95

THE WORLD – A new year is upon us, and we can’t help but think there are more than a few people who wish 2021 was already over. Are you feeling that way? Well guess what? We’ve got good news! Earth is spinning faster than ever before, and our days are getting shorter!

Now that’s what we call a science WIN!

Via Netflix

According to recent reports, scientists say that the planet’s rotation lately has been speeding up and a negative “leap second” may soon be needed so atomic clocks, satellites, and navigation systems can align correctly with the turning world. As of now, the planet’s axis rotation is being clocked 1.4602 milliseconds less than the usual 86,400 seconds.

Believe it or not, scientists also noted that the record for shortest day was beaten 28 times in 2020, and 2021 is expected to be the fastest year of all time–with the average day passing 0.5 milliseconds faster than usual. While it would likely take centuries for humans on Earth to even notice days becoming shorter, we can’t help but think that our planet is finally doing everyone who hated 2020 and wants 2021 to be over already a huge solid!

Who knows? Maybe someday our planet will spin like a damn basketball on the tip of a Harlem Globetrotter’s finger!

Say goodbye to those dreaded long years filled with pain and sadness! (Via NASA)

The phrase “time flies” has officially taken on a new meaning, and we are absolutely down with that. Thank you, planet Earth. We owe you one!