Good Way To Get In The Year Book: Student’s Science Project Forces Evacuation Of School

by TheDuder95

WESTMONT, NEW JERSEY – Authorities in New Jersey evacuated an entire high school last week as they investigated reports that a student brought uranium to class. Turns out the potentially harmful radioactive substance was part of a science project.

Damn, kid! That’s certainly one way to get into your high school yearbook!

The student in question brought a small, “quarter-sized” piece of an antique dinner plate, known as Fiestaware, to his science class at Haddon Township High School on Monday. While part of a simple science lesson, faculty at the school later deemed the substance dangerous. By the end of the week, police began an investigation and evacuated the entire school.

The high school sophomore who brought the antique plate to his class was shocked when HAZMAT teams arrived at his house to question him. The student claimed that the whole ordeal was an over-exaggeration, stating in an interview with reporters that the plate “gave off less radiation than most things you can find in an antique store.”

Not many high schoolers can claim they almost started a nuclear emergency at their school. Year book organizers at this high school are definitely going to dedicate a whole page to this kid. Hell, maybe more!

While this was certainly just a mixup, that didn’t stop folks on social media from weighing in.

That’s a good question. Not many of us can claim that our entire high school was evacuated because we brought in a radioactive material used to make atomic bombs. We all know high school can be tough, but props to this kid for finding a way to shine!