Great News For Badasses: Funko Has Finally Released Dolls For Badasses!

by Tim K

Here’s some excellent news if you fancy yourself a badass: AC/DC, Motorhead, and Bret Michaels have all just gotten their own line of Funko Pops! dolls.

Rock and motherfucking roll, baby!!!

For the entirety of its annoying and wildly unnecessary existence, Funko has only ever put out lame-ass dolls for little kids and weird adults, like Star Wars people or Game of Thrones shit. But now, finally, it looks like the business wants to expand their clientele to include badasses who love to rock out with their best friends while they shoot pool and just kind of vibe — and Funko is doing it with some honestly sick-looking little dolls!

Per Ultimate Classic Rock, the new AC/DC and Motorhead figures arrive as part of the Album series, which sees the collectibles accompanied by a replica of one of the artists’ classic albums.

For AC/DC, the choice was their classic 1979 album, ‘Highway to Hell.’ The set comes with a doll of lead guitarist Angus Young in his iconic schoolboy outfit.

For Motorhead, Funko is honoring the 1980 album ‘Ace of Spades’ with a doll of Lemmy, donning his signature gothic-cowboy getup.

Lastly, there’s VH1’s ‘Rock Of Love’ legend himself, Bret Michaels. The Poison frontman’s Funko doll wears a good ol’ fashioned t-shirt, some excellent ripped jeans, and his famous giant bandana. One hand holds his axe, and the other flashes the ‘Rock On!’ sign that he always loved to do.

He even comes with a COWBOY HAT that you can put on instead of his bandana!

…Did someone say Rock and Roll? Yes! Yes!!!

So tight! Goodbye nerd-ass dolls, and hello much cooler ones! You heard it here first, folks: Dolls are officially a part of real rock and roll guys’ lives! Thank you! Goodbye.

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