Help Us Figure Out Where This Mysterious Ancient Roman Slab Came From

by TheDuder95

WHITEPARISH, ENGLAND – History fans are really going to dig this story out of the UK. An ancient Roman marble slab dating back to the second century AD was discovered in the yard of an English bungalow and researchers need help figuring out how it got there.

Men’s Humor fans, the United Kingdom dutifully requires your service!

The ancient slab was discovered in the garden of a small home nearly 20 years ago in Whiteparish, a village in southern England. The slab was used as a mounting block in the home’s stable for nearly a decade, before it was taken to an archaeologist who determined it was an ancient artifact likely from Greece or Anatolia. It has since been put up for sale at an auction house, and is scheduled to be sold in February with a pre-sale estimate of up to $20,000! While it’s not uncommon for ancient artifacts such as this to be found in the UK, the location of this particular slab has puzzled researchers for decades.

If there are any Men’s Humor fans in the UK, now is the time to step up to the plate to help your beloved kingdom and her majesty the Queen!

Auctioneers are working now to figure out who exactly lived in the area in recent decades, thinking that might help unlock the story behind how the slab found itself at a quiet little farmhouse in England. They are also trying to piece together who exactly constructed the bungalow, built on Common Road in Whiteparish in the 1960s, in case anyone involved in the build might have any clues.

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Today, we humbly ask our readers to help us figure out how this incredible ancient slab ended up in the garden of that English bungalow. If you know anything about this ancient slab, how it got to that small town in the United Kingdom, or maybe even a cool fact about slabs in general, please let us know in the comments.

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